Wish Upon A Star!

Wish Upon a Star

THE CAKE SITS BEFORE YOU, THE CANDLES AGLOW . . . “Make a Wish,” everyone yells. And you do. You close your eyes, blow as hard as you can, and place your order.

Birthdays aren’t the only time wishes are made. It seems they’re pretty common any day, any time.

A wish is defined as “an expression of desire, longing, or strong inclination for a specific thing.” While wishing for things may seem harmless, I wonder if it’s a way of keeping us from doing what we need to do to get whatever we’re wishing for. Maybe as long as we’re wishing, we think we’re “doing” something.

People wish for all kinds of things . . . “I wish I was thinner,” “I wish I’d win the lottery,” “I wish I had a different job,” “I wish I could play the piano,” “I wish I could speak another language, “ “I wish I could meet my soul mate,” etc. Then there are the wishes for things that can’t ever be. “I wish I were shorter/taller,” “I wish my eyes were blue,” “I wish my hair was thicker/thinner,” “I wish my voice wasn’t so high-pitched.” You get the picture.

Making wishes can be fun when you’re wishing on a shooting star, or romantic when throwing a coin into a fountain in Italy. But making wishes in general doesn’t really do much in getting you the results you want. There’s only one thing that will get you that—ACTION!

I propose that instead of wishing, you start doing. Instead of saying you wish you were thinner, look into eating better, and start an exercise regime. Instead of wishing you could play the piano, sign up for the lessons. Can’t afford it? Go on YouTube; you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn. Wish you could speak a different language, get CDs and listen to them in the car. The only thing that gets you what you want is taking some form of action, not wishing for them. It’s not going to show up on your doorstep once the candles are out.

Wishing you were shorter, or taller, that you had a different voice, or that your eyes were blue? Wasted wishes. What’s the point? Just because you wish it, you’re not going to wake up tomorrow three inches shorter or taller. You’re not going to see baby blues in the mirror unless you get colored contacts, and you’re not going to change your voice, no matter how hard you try. So embrace the things about you that can’t be changed. Don’t wish them away. They’re not going anywhere. You are unique because of your differences. Own them. Focus your energy on what you can do, not on wishing for them. Start making your wishes come true by doing what it takes, whatever it takes!