Why is it so hard to complete certain tasks? What is behind starting something and not being able to finish it?



Thank you for your question; it’s a very common situation.  Not following through with projects is often due to lack of motivation, or feeling overwhelmed.  Maybe you’ve taken on too many tasks and are looking at the big picture instead of breaking the tasks down to doable chunks.  Establish what it is you want/need to get accomplished.  If possible, separate your tasks into small sections. For example, let’s say you need to clean your room.  Begin with one corner.  Just tell yourself, “I’ll work for 15 minutes then stop for the day.”  Looking at a corner is not as overwhelming as looking at the whole room.  Offer yourself a reward.  “If I get the 15 minutes done today, I’ll get yogurt.”  Also, give yourself a deadline.  You may suffer from a mild case of ADD.  Setting a deadline makes it easier to get things done.  Find what your motivational trigger is.  It’s different for everyone.  Put up a poster board with your goals.  Check them off as you do them.  You can visually see yourself getting through the list and know that success is close.

Good luck!