“There’s a Piece of Food Stuck in Your Teeth!”

I don’t think there’s a soul out there who hasn’t experienced the embarrassment of having eaten and gotten a piece of spinach or black bean stuck in their teeth. If they’re lucky, someone may point it out and say, “Hey, you’ve got something in your teeth!” If they’re not, it may be a while before they realize they’ve been carting leftovers around.

You may not always walk around with food stuck between your teeth, but many of you are walking around with hurts, insecurities, guilt, and fears stuck to your hearts. Hidden from view, nobody can point them out. Only you can look within and see what Bits of Emotional Baggage (BoEB) reside within you. Once you do, it is important to discard the BoEB that afflict you. Only then will you feel relief. Most of the time these BoEB consume your daily lives. They may not be noticeable, but the behaviors they cause certainly are.

Here’s an example: You’re on the 405. Your tires accidentally cross over slightly into the next lane. You correct yourself immediately. No damage done. But the driver in the lane next to you goes ballistic. He waves his arms furiously wanting you to know how pissed off he is and then he gives you the finger. We all know what finger that is. What was the big deal? No harm, no foul, right? It’s not like you swerved so much you hit his car. More than likely, that driver was harboring BoEB in his heart. Unfortunately, your slight swerving awoke a sleeping giant.

These BoEB plague a lot of people. Mostly because, like those bits of food in your teeth, you may not know they’re there. They’re stored in the heart like some forgotten dress or shirt that hang in the back of the closet, and which should have been discarded years before.

The key to ridding yourself of these pesky little BoEB is to realize they’re there. Just like the piece of food between your teeth, you can only get rid of it when you know about it. BoEB do you NO good. EVER! All that these BoEB do is cause you pain and/or embarrassment. They cause you to blow up at the slightest incident, cry and not really know why, feel shame and regret. If there’s anything that you can do, by all means, do it. Instead of needing floss or a toothpick, you might need to talk to someone; write a letter. Make a call. Find a way to get rid of the stuff you no longer need. The results: You’ll feel free, happy, and have an overall sense of well-being.

Don’t let BoEB dictate your life. Take action today. Free yourself of the unnecessary pain stored in your heart. Then smile!