The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side . . . Or is it?

We have two dogs—Nemo and Vinnie. Nemo is quite the finicky eater; I use the term “eater” loosely. He basically refuses to eat. When he does, we’re all happily surprised. More often than not, we have to put him alone in a room—without distractions—so that he eats something. Eventually he does, but he might have skipped a day. Vinnie, on the other hand, inhales his kibbles; can’t get them into his stomach fast enough. Vinnie, by the way, is diabetic, so his food could probably be considered “health food.” While Vinnie devours the content of his bowl, Nemo stands by, waiting to get a taste of the special made-for-diabetics “treat.” Recently, Nemo went on a doggie play date. When it was time to eat, he headed directly over to his buddy’s bowl. The other dog, though, had absolutely no problem with Nemo’s food. I’m sensing a pattern. Here’s another example . . .

While at the gym doing drills, I was standing next to a young woman who had the body of a gymnast. And by that, I mean, she looked really fit: a six-pack, toned, muscular legs, arms deserving of a tank top, etc. Across the floor, headed our way, was another young woman. This particular woman, was overall bigger, didn’t look nearly as fit, and had quite a big behind. That’s why I was surprised to hear Gymnast Girl say, “I wish I had a ‘bubble butt.’” What?!? Did I hear right? Apparently, I did.

This got me thinking about that old saying—The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side. What I’ve discovered is that it most definitely isn’t!

People with curly hair, want straight; people with straight hair, want curly.

Girls with small boobs, want big ones; girls with big boobs, want small ones.

Tall girls want to be shorter; short girls want to be taller.

People with thick hair want it thinner; people with fine hair want it thicker.

People with fair skin want it darker; people with darker skin want to be fair.

The list can go on. No matter what you have, it seems more appealing to have what you don’t. But think about it, what you have is what someone else wants. I’m sure Bubble Butt girl would have loved to look like Gymnast Girl.

It’s time to realize that what you have is valuable. To lust for something else is basically saying that what you have isn’t good enough. But it is, isn’t it? Someone out there would love to have your eyes, your hair, your teeth, you boob size, skin color, etc.

Stop wishing for your grass to be greener. Just water the grass you do have, and watch it grow thick and green.

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It!(1)