Stop Looking for the Key to Happiness!

Have you ever tried looking for something in the fridge? No matter how hard you look, you just can’t see it. Then someone says, “Hey, what are you looking for?” As soon as you tell them, they pick it right out, and hand it to you. It was right in front of you all along. How did you not see it?

There’s a term called scotoma. It technically means a blind spot—a mental blind spot. This scotoma keeps you from seeing what’s right in front of you—an opportunity, a significant person, help, etc.

And so it is with the Key to Happiness. You may be looking for that Key outside of yourself. You might think you’ll find it in your boyfriend’s approval, your father’s validation, or your friends’ acceptance. But it’s not there. It’s that missing item in the fridge that’s right before your very eyes. You just can’t see it. Yet!

Any time you put the responsibility of your happiness in someone elses’ hands, you will be disappointed. It’s a sure thing. No one should hold the key to that happiness. The key they hold is a false one anyway. The true key is inside of you, where no one can get their hands on it, unless, of course, you give it away.

So stop looking for something that isn’t lost. Just step back. Breathe. What you’re looking for is there, where it should be. You are the holder of that Key. Don’t let anyone else get their hands on it.