Stop Blaming Your Parents, Your Teachers, The Government, and Santa Claus. Take Charge of Your Life Today!

I get it. Life sucks. Not everyone comes from a perfect home, borne of perfect parents, have siblings who are mentors/friends, a Nana and Papa who spoil you with toys and warm chocolate chip cookies, a Government who puts their people first, a Santa Claus who fills your tree with presents, a dog named Spot who sleeps by your bed, and is also your best friend. Wait . . . scratch that! No one comes from that. That’s a Utopian Fairy Tale.

True, some life situations are worse than others. And some of you may have had it really rough. And because you did, you may find yourself stuck, unable to make decisions, and aimlessly coasting through life. You blame your divorced parents for not being there for you; you blame your brother for being a bully, your Nana because she doesn’t remember you; your Papa because he upped and died when you were eight. You blame the Government because they treat us like pawns in their political games, you blame Santa Claus for only having left one present under the tree instead of 10 like at your neighbor’s house. And maybe Spot got hit by a car and went to doggie heaven. You feel like you’ve had it really rough. You have every right to complain and walk around angry all the time. You’re entitled, right?

Not if you want your life to change. Here’s the thing—that was your past. Maybe some parts of it are still your present, but you’re not a little kid anymore. You can now make your own decisions. YOU hold the key that can open different doors leading to your desired destination. Where is it you want to go? You can go there. If your thoughts, your history, your anger, weren’t in the way, who would you want to be? You can BE that person. Yes, you can! Despite your rough upbringing, you can make changes and change what is. Imagine yourself as a piece of clay that you can mold into anything you want. The opportunities abound. Take a stand. Make a decision to stop blaming your parents; they did the best they knew how. Stop blaming your Nana, Papa, and Spot. You can’t stop life from unfolding in certain ways. The Government? It’s the only one we have. Get up and vote. And Santa Claus? Become Him. The giver of gifts to yourself and others.

You hold the Key to your life!  What are you going to do with it?