Skinny & Healthy, or Just Plain Skinny!



We all know there’s an obsession with weight in our society. Essentially it is a woman’s obsession; men don’t seem to suffer from the same malady.

Being skinny is considered “healthy.” But is it always? When my son had jaw surgery, he wasn’t able to eat for six weeks. All he could do was drink liquids through a straw. He lost 15 pounds. He looked way thinner than when he started out, but was he healthier? Someone could have an illness that causes him or her to lose a great deal of weight. They may look quite thin, but will certainly not be healthy.

When celebrity Hilary Duff was 17, she was obsessed with the number on the scale, just like most girls. She started eating only steamed veggies and grilled chicken. This lasted about two years. She finally realized that her body wasn’t getting enough of what it needed to be healthy, so she started eating normal foods again.

Model Kate Moss has been quoted as saying, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I would argue that. Nothing beats the taste of a Hawaiian Pineapple pizza and a chocolate volcano cake, but that’s beside the point.

This obsession with weight and being skinny has got to stop. There are too many risks to one’s health, including: low muscle mass, a compromised immune system, anemia, osteoporosis, hair loss, and not to mention menstrual irregularities. It’s not pretty.

Women need to stop playing with their lives. They need to start embracing their curves, to look at themselves and see their true beauty, not defined by what the scale reads on any particular day, but by who they really are.

Focus on being fit and healthy, not skinny. If you are genetically skinny, that’s a different story. The point is to focus on health, not a number. Maintain a healthy diet, and refrain from overeating. It’s as simple as that!


  • Rick Bhatt

    Your underlying point is very valid, but when you use a photoshopped image of someone who is genetically “skinny” (and actually is quite outspoken on the point of loving the body you have) to illustrate a point, it smacks of sensationalism. Please use real images instead and maybe show someone who has dieted to become “too skinny” to illustrate your point, rather than someone who naturally has a slim body shape.

  • askjoshsmom

    Hello Rick!

    Thank you so much for your feedback! You are absolutely right! Honestly, when I was looking through the pictures, I didn’t even recognize that it was Ms. Knightly. I either didn’t have my glasses on, or it was just bad oversight on my part. I apologize. Had I been able to tell that it was Ms. Knightly, I never would have used her picture because to me she doesn’t look unhealthy, just naturally thin. This just lets me know that I have to be more careful with what I post. I know you understand my main message. Women are overdoing it with losing weight and it’s not good for them.

    Again, I am indebted to you for bringing this to my attention. I really appreciate it.

    Thank you. And thank you for commenting on my post. I hope that you do not find fault with the other ones and that are able to glean from them what is intended.

  • Gary

    To this adult male, skinny = bony, angular and off-putting, whereas curvy = cuddly, warm and inviting. I’ll take fit over fat any day: health trumps body image.

    • askjoshsmom

      You’re absolutely right, Gary! I think most men think like you do. Thank goodness. Thank you so much for your feedback.

      • Char An

        I’m sorry to say but the skinny body was photoshopped to look skinny as well as at this time Keira Knightley was going through anorexia. I think it’s important that we don’t shame any body type as anorexia is a very hard eating disorder to deal with. Here is the original photo of Keira:

        • Char An

          I just realised a comment mentioning the whole photoshopped image. Sorry for repeating that bit. But please remember not to say “This body type is better than this body type for these reasons” Like I said when this photo was taken Keira was going through anorexia.

          • Karabis

            Kiera Knightley is not and has never been anorexic. She’s been *called* anorexic by people who refuse to believe a woman can be naturally small-framed and not starve herself to do it, but Kiera is simply slim and fit with a naturally delicate frame. The photo originally used on this blog entry is also really, really badly Photoshopped. I mean really embarrassingly bad. I can’t believe anyone thought that was real.

          • askjoshsmom

            You’re right! I appreciate your commentary. As I said to other readers, I did realize I made a mistake on this. Always feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.

        • askjoshsmom

          Char An, thank you for your feedback. I realized my blunder after someone else pointed it out. I appreciate your commentary as well. For some unknown reason, I did not notice the photoshop. I will certainly be a lot more careful about what I post in the future. Feedback is always appreciated.