Sexy Nun!? What About Little Boy Blue?

I’m Sexy and I know it. And I pray, too!


Or how about Sexy Beast, Priest, or Prince. Not likely. The truth of the matter is that the “sexy” costumes taking up space in most of the aisles at the Halloween stores are Sexy Dorothy (sans Toto), Sexy Little Bo Beep (no lambs to lead, just men, I guess), Goldilocks (without her bears), Lucy (as in I Love Lucy!!!), Snow White (where’s her sexy Prince?), Hello Kitty (isn’t that for little girls?), Ms. Kruger (I guess if psycho Freddy Kruger had a girlfriend, she’d be sexy); sexy Flight Attendant (on the last flight I took, I saw no attendants dressed sexily), and Princess Belle? Really?? But here’s what really got me: A Sexy Nun! Is there nothing sacred?

Since when does everything have to be sexualized? Why can’t women wear regular costumes like men do? Is it the men, or the women responsible for this? Perhaps both. If women weren’t wearing the costumes, they wouldn’t be made. Has Halloween just turned into an excuse for dressing slutty-like? And to what purpose? Is it sexy that a nun dresses like a prostitute? Or that Princess Belle, a beautiful Disney character, is dressed to seduce Beast? What about Little Bo Beep? She’s sexy, too? That’s a Mother Goose nursery rhyme used to put babies to sleep, isn’t it?

From what I saw, it would seem that by simply wearing something very skimpy, barely there, anyone could become sexy. I suppose that if your definition of “sexy” is dressing as seductively as you can, then yeah, maybe that’s “sexy.” I would disagree, however. Sexy is not what you wear; it’s who you are. It’s an appeal, a charisma, and a confidence that radiates from you, no matter what you’re wearing.

It’s worrisome that young women feel the need to pick the sluttiest costume they can. Are they trying to get men to notice them? Is being sexy all they think they have to offer?

It’s time to understand that barely dressing doesn’t make you a sexier woman; it actually demeans your true essence. Are you selling You or you sexiness? Do you want to attract a man with your body? Think twice. All bodies grow old. Maybe at that point you can be a Sexy Grandma? Hmm.

Don’t sell yourselves short, ladies! Let’s allow Little Bo Beep, Dorothy, Snow White, and Princess Belle, to be as pure as they were meant to be. And let’s understand that getting your sexy back is not wearing some trampy costume. It’s having your inner confidence shine through and out, of the special person you are!