Looking for the Glass Slipper in All the Wrong Places!

Remember, it was your shoe to being with!

Who isn’t familiar with the story of Cinderella—the girl who was essentially treated as a maid by her stepmother and stepsisters?

Despite being treated unfairly, Cinderella was pretty lucky. Underneath all that soot, and grime, she was pretty. Plus, she had a fairy godmother to help her out. She also had a prince whose attention she caught somehow.

Thanks to her fairy godmother, they come up with an assortment of tricks to make her look like a princess. Of course, she shows up at the ball looking stunning, and all. How can anyone resist? Let alone the hot prince.

Cinderella’s time at the ball is short. She’s only got a few hours to show her wears, and then she has to bolt. Fortunately for her, in her haste, her glass slipper falls off. And who happens to find it? The hot prince, of course!

Essentially an “Amber Alert” goes out to find the girl who will fit the shoe.

Cinderella’s salvation lies in being the perfect fit. Eventually she is found and the slipper slides easily on her foot. Score!

Many women are looking for that hot prince. The one who’ll show up at their doorstep holding a super cool shoe, or maybe a diamond ring that will be slipped on, and save the day.

Don’t hold your breath. That amber alert won’t be going on on your behalf.

The truth of the matter is that the hot prince isn’t going to come save you. You’re forgetting whose shoe it was in the first place. It’s your shoe, that’s why it fits so perfectly.

You have that shoe in your possession. You can save yourself.

Stop looking for the glass slipper in all the wrong places.

You’ve had it all along!