“It’s Not A Fairy-tale!”

Everyone’s looking for love; looking for that prince, or princess to show up in their lives.

And sometimes they do. But it’s not what you think. The idea of a Prince and Princess can be charming, but it’s unrealistic.

Think about it, you have two people that come from completely different backgrounds with their own ideas about how to do things, their own interests, viewpoints, way of coping, etc. It’s no wonder that being in a relationship, any relationship, is quite challenging.

No matter in what relationship you find yourself, you’re going to struggle with issues; it’s a given. It’s just a matter of whom you want to fight those battles with.

In the movies, the heroine meets her prince. They face a conflict. Resolve it. And live Happily Ever After. All in a matter of two hours. This may be setting up real people for disappointment. In real life, the prostitute isn’t always a Pretty Woman who has a very rich and handsome guy fall in love with her. It’s a MOVIE!

But don’t get discouraged. Real relationships can be a huge opportunity for growth. You can learn: acceptance, flexibility, compromise, and unconditional love. It’s possible. But it does take a great deal of work, and not giving up at the first difference of opinion.

If you have the stamina to push through the hard times, to work on the hard parts, and expand the great ones, it’s possible to have a best friend for life.

Get ready, however, to spend more than two hours on it. It often takes a lifetime of continued work to get to that sweet spot.

I guarantee you, though, that it’s worth the wait.