It’s Clear On The Other Side

Recently I went to Costco to get gas. Immediately after getting in line, I regretted my decision. From the looks of it, I was in for a long wait. It seemed that everyone had the same idea.

I pulled up behind a huge truck, so my view was completely blocked. All I could see were long lines of cars all around me. I started to feel antsy; I had so much to do. Waiting in a long line would put a kink in my already full day. Who knew how long I’d be trapped there. After a minute or less, however, an attendant came out from behind the truck. He proceeded to wave me around. At first I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but then I realized he was telling me to go around the truck.

I maneuvered my car in the tight space, and followed the attendant’s directions. To my utter amazement, it was all clear. The truck had obscured my ability to see. It took me only a couple of minutes to fill up my tank and be on my way.

This started me thinking about life; how so often there seems to be a block; something preventing us from seeing what lies ahead. When we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we feel that it will be forever. It isn’t. Nothing is forever. No matter how good, or how bad.

Like the gas station attendant at Costco, sometimes we need someone to wave us on; to let us know that we can get around whatever is blocking us from seeing the real picture. In time, things do clear up. We need to understand that sometimes we just can’t see the great stuff that’s coming our way because we have a skewed view.

Perhaps the view of your life situation is a little blurred. You may not even realize it. But if you’re in a situation that’s making you anxious, making you regret a decision you made, be patient with yourself. Look for the “attendant;” that someone out there who’s ready to point and lead the way to something better. Be open. Don’t get so locked into your dilemma that you can’t see past it.

Obstacles will show up from time to time, but I guarantee you that the solution will show up as well.



  • Rolando Perez

    This is really good to remember. I love it!

    • Rolando Perez

      Thank you. I’m glad it was helpful to you!