“I’m Too FAT!” Says Who?

Says just about every female I know!  Sometime in the last 100 years American women went from not being concerned about their weight to being Obsessed with it.  How did we go from Size 12 = beautiful, healthy, and thriving to Size Zero = The Body of Choice?  If you think about ZERO, it’s a nonentity, a state of total absence.  Who wants to have or be Zero of anything?  Yet here we are looking longingly at skeletons dressed in Versace.

In order to become a ZERO or less (CRAZY, I know), women are starving themselves (Anorexia), or are eating and throwing up (Bulimia), and/or are working out above and beyond what is needed to be healthy and fit.  Is being a size ZERO, or less, worth losing your hair, having dry skin, brittle nails, fainting, losing your life?  If you’re hesitating, the answer is NO!  Nothing is worth losing your life.  Nothing is worth disappearing.  People in severe situations have been known to turn to cannibalism in order to survive, and here we are, in the Land of Plenty, munching on lettuce and drinking water in order to achieve eventual oblivion. What is wrong with this picture?

In the movie Warm Bodies, the Boneys were the main enemies—they were the zombies’ final state after their flesh completely decayed.  Is this what American women want?  To look like a Boney?  To be their own worst enemy?  Sadly, I’ve seen pictures of women who look exactly (no exaggeration) like Boneys, or who neurotically strive to look like them.  Being very thin is mistakenly associated with being healthy, happy, and confident.  But more accurately it can be associated with being unhealthy, or dead if taken too far.

I’m not suggesting you eat to your heart’s content.  Being obese can hurt you and jeopardize your life.  The ideal of being a walking skeleton is hard to maintain for long.  Why?  Because our bodies need fat.  Yes, I said the 3-letter F word.  Fat is essential to our survival.

It’s important to find the right balance for you, for your body.  Stop comparing yourself with girls who are so thin, they’re about to disappear, literally.  Stop denying yourself of the very fuel that keeps you alive.  Living is worth it, I promise you.

Don’t get sucked in by dangerous and unattainable goals.  Strive to be fit, not to become extinct.






You can see from the pictures above that those girl’s bodies aren’t too different from the Boneys above them.  It’s sad that these beautiful girls are fading, turning into flesh and bones.  Women come in all shapes and sizes.  Embrace your body.  If you’re unhappy, discover what you can do to become more fit and healthy.  Don’t let yourself turn into a skeleton, then die, leaving loved ones mourning your loss.

You are meant to be You!  Accept your womanliness.  Bones are not sexy.  Confidence is.

Choose to live.  Enjoy you, your life.





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