I’ll Love You Until . . .

  • You don’t do what I say.
  • You forget our anniversary.
  • You embarrass me in front of my friends.
  • You’re late for dinner.
  • You bring home the wrong item from the store.

Yeah, it’s all about The Conditions. Funny, it doesn’t start out that way. The wedding day is all Fairy Tale-Like. Some women actually become possessed by Bridezilla during the planning of their “special day.” No one’s feelings are spared.

On the day of the wedding, joy and happiness abound. Romantic looks and soft caresses are exchanged. Vows promising never ending love, are recited. All is well. Then the honeymoon is over and you start living real life, where you’re are not wearing gowns and tuxes, but jeans and sweats. Where the makeup isn’t done by a professional, but in the car on the way to work.

Somewhere along the line, the “for better or for worse,” “in sickness and in health,” “until death do us part,” gets forgotten. And the complaints begin. The nagging. The (very long) Condition List gets pulled out and taped to the refrigerator. And so it begins.

So many couples fail to see the bigger picture. The partner with whom you’re sharing your life is the person you’re supposed to be in love with, right? Isn’t that the same person for whom you bought that $5,000 gown? So he could see how beautiful you looked? Isn’t he the one for whom you lost the 10 pounds so you could be skinny on your wedding day? What happened? Are the socks on the floor that big a deal? Is being late going to make a difference to the big picture? Is he/she your puppet? Does he/she have to act and say everything you want, when you want it, or else you’ll close your heart?

It’s time to stop being petty, and instead see what’s really important. Why are you and your mate together? Hopefully it’s because you love each other. And if it is, that’s what matters in this life. Remember that wedding day, what you said, how you looked at each other, what your plans were, then forget about the insignificant events that two months from now are not going to be remembered.

When you love someone, love them. Don’t attach conditions to that love. Because if that’s the case, it’s not really love, is it?