How can I build more confidence in myself?


I feel like I don’t care or love myself as much as I should. How can I build more confidence in myself?


You don’t love and care about yourself like you should because you don’t really see YOU. You are looking at yourself through muddy glasses that don’t allow you to see who you really are. The real you is unbelievably perfect.

In a recent experiment, an artist asked his subjects to describe themselves so he could sketch them. Not surprisingly everyone, without fail, described themselves in less than attractive ways. When other people were brought in to describe them, the difference was startling.

You want to know how to build confidence? Act as if you already have it.  The more you do, the more it starts to build. Look around at people who are already confident? Watch them. How do they act? What do they talk about? What do you notice? Do you hear them complaining? Or are they busy doing things that help them grow as people?

Other things you can do are:  1.  Do something for someone else (step out of your own skin).  2.  Compliment others.  3. Express gratitude for the things you do have.  4. Listen to motivational talks.  5.  Read inspirational articles and books.

Above else, take off those muddy glasses; they’re useless. And then, just like that sketch artist, and others on the outside, really see You. You’re FANTASTIC!

I hope that helps.