“Hey, Are You Listening?” The Rudeness of Distracted Listening!

Have you ever tried talking to someone either on the phone or in person who isn’t really listening? The person acts like they are, but you can just tell they’re half there. I’ve actually had someone ask me a question, and while I was answering, they were browsing their Facebook page, or Twitter feed. Ouch!

What is happening to the way we interact with each other? I know iPhones are fun, instant gratification, and all, but what about actual people? Do they not deserve to be heard? I say they most definitely do.

There is nothing more kind and loving than someone who looks you in the eye as you’re talking about your day, someone who’s actually listening to what you have to say; someone who even takes time to ask related questions about the topic you’re discussing. Doesn’t that feel good?

I know we’re all busy multitasking, but at what cost?

We’re losing the art of conversing, of listening and interacting with each other.

It’s time to start relating again. How?

1)    When someone is talking to you, stop what you’re doing for a minute. Really listen. Look directly at them.
2)    Ask pertinent questions.
3)    Let them know you’re listening by nodding, or repeating back to them what they’ve said. Example:

Person 1: “I just went rock climbing the other day and hurt my hand.”

Person 2: “You hurt your hand? Wow. How did that happen? Does it still hurt now?”

Do you think Person 1 feels heard and understood? Absolutely!

Listening is Kindness. Listening is Love. Listening is caring.

And isn’t that what we all want? To be heard and understood while we’re telling our stories?

Don’t fall into the trap of making your Social Media interactions on iPhones, computers, or i Pads become more important than real people.

When you have something to share, don’t you want someone actually listening to you?

Then learn how to listen. It will be one of the greatest gifts you can give someone.