I’m here to help. But even the helper sometimes makes errors in judgment (oops!), or suggests something that may seem illogical or unintelligent.  Sorry about that.  My heart is in the right place.  Having said that, I’m here to answer questions to the best of my knowledge and ability, and to provide you with helpful information.  Ask Josh’s Mom doesn’t bet her life on the exactness, comprehensiveness, prevailing, appropriateness, or soundness of any of the information on this site.  This is a blog and does not take the place of a therapy session.  This blog is meant to provide you with some food for thought, and to plant some seeds that may point you in the right direction.  Take what makes sense and leave the rest behind; that shows character and the ability to discern what works or doesn’t work for you.   Mostly I’m right, but in the event I’m not, skip the 12 lashings and give me another chance.

I believe in being respectful to all, so if someone chooses to ignore that rule, their comments might disappear.  And the lashings may be an option.  Just kidding.  Be kind and non-judgmental; everyone is in this life together.