Because Who Is Perfect?

Even though the real You–the one who sits inside of you looking out–is perfect, the outer you, and the world in which you live, are not; they are made up of imperfections. In a sense, though, that’s what creates real beauty.

Women, specially, strive to be “perfect” by shedding unnecessary weight, injecting their faces, cutting and pasting their bodies, and striving to look like some imaginary figure that doesn’t exist. It’s absurd!

I’m sure you’ve been shopping countless times, and noticed (how could you not?) the mannequins throughout the stores, taunting you as you walk by. They’re a size “nonexistent” and look “fabulous” in whatever outfit they happen to be modeling. But really, who looks like that? I certainly don’t. As I make my way through life, I rarely see anyone who looks like those mannequins. So why are they still being used to model the clothes? Are they trying to get you to shop? Because, really, why would you? None of us are going to look like that, as evidenced by the dressing room with the bad lighting. At first, you might look at the mannequin and think, “Wow, that outfit looks unbelievable! I want to wear that to Katie’s party.” Then you walk into the dressing room with your size 10, or 12, whatever it is (for sure it’s not the “0” on the emaciated doll), and try it on. Looking in the mirror, you practically start to weep. The unbelievable outfit does not look unbelievable on you! How could it? It wasn’t a real person modeling it. This causes you, and women in general, to chase after unattainable ideals, which often cause depression, and eating disorders.

This is why the video below, titled: Because Who Is Perfect? by Pro Infirmis caught my attention. It actually brought tears to my eyes as I watched it. Director Alain Gasponer decided to create a short film for Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse in which he used people with scoliosis, brittle bone disease, and other types of conditions, to model his latest fashions. One of his models included Miss HC 2010, Jasmin Rechsteiner.

This video is a great example of how different we all are and how all of us, as part of the human race, should embrace that. Rather than criticize or aspire to look like something that doesn’t exist, wrap your arms around the being that you are. It’s all you have.

“We often go chasing after ideals instead of accepting life in all its diversity . . .”

~Mark Zumbül/Pro Infirmis