Beautiful You!

Women all over the world hate themselves. They hate the way they look. Daily they admonish themselves while looking in the mirror, a trail of hideous words running across their brains, like a train speeding through a track.

What has happened to us? We are more than the bodies that carry us from place to place. It is time we recognize this.

We need to change the tape that is running through our brains. If we don’t, nothing we do to our bodies will make the slightest bit of difference. All the work needs to take place inwardly.

As Taryn Brumfitt discovered, no matter how much her body changed, no matter how perfect it became, her insides remained stale.

Our work as women, as people, needs to take place on the inside. The outside is a façade. It will slowly fade away until there’s nothing left.

I applaud Ms. Brumfitt for the work that she is doing. She’s undertaken quite a task.

Let’s help her out. How? Next time you look in the mirror, say one good thing to yourself. Then two, then three, and so on. Until all we say to ourselves is loving and respectful. We owe this to ourselves. As human beings, we deserve this.


Beautiful You