Beautiful or Average?


If you were asked today whether you’re beautiful or average, what would you say?

It turns out most women think they’re average. But are they? Have we been told that we’re just average, when we’re really beautiful, or have we come up with that nonsense on our own? Do we really see ourselves for who we are, or are we wearing some foggy lenses that prevent us from seeing the truth.

In the Dove video above, two different signs were put at the entrance of a store. One sign read Beautiful, the other read, Average. Not surprisingly, most women, given the choice, walked through the average door.

I watched some of the women pause slightly before deciding, others knew right away. I thought the women looked beautiful, yet most of them chose the Average entrance.

I believe we do see ourselves through foggy lenses. It’s been proven repeatedly that we don’t actually see ourselves in the best light.

That needs to change. We have to own who we are. Love and embrace our Being. We are one Being among millions, yet so unique in every way. We really have no competition.

Given the chance, would you choose Beautiful or Average?

I choose Beautiful, and I beg you to do the same. Because you are!