Be Like the Mona Lisa!


There is only One of You! How priceless is that?

I often hear about young, 20-something women, bar hopping, and either drinking themselves into a coma-like state, or sleeping with some guy with whom she happens to hit it off. This is not a one-time event, unfortunately; instead it is a regularly scheduled weekend affair.

What these young women don’t understand is their worth. Scarcity, or absence of, is what makes something valuable, more precious. How much do you think the Mona Lisa would be worth if there were multiple copies instead of just the one hanging at the Louvre in Paris? It is estimated that the Mona Lisa is worth ≠£21.5 billion. Because there is only one!

If you considered yourself to be as valuable as the Mona Lisa, you would not be giving yourself away to every cute guy that came along. Instead, you would understand your worth. You would realize that giving yourself away to find love, acceptance, or a daddy figure, just takes away from your true worth.

Be like the Mona Lisa. Priceless! Make people want you because you are a rare gem, and not because you’re some easy-to-get piece of work that can be found at some thrift store, discarded, and undervalued.

Know your worth. You may not be hanging in some museum in Europe, but your worth is equal to that rare and priceless painting.




  • Raul C Perez

    Rossana I love your Mona Lisa post. It is so true worth is everything.
    Love you Raul

    • askjoshsmom

      Hi Raul!
      Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it. And yes, it’s so true. People just don’t understand their true worth!