And So the Rottweiler Says to the Pug . . .











Rottweiler and Pug are walking on the beach, getting their paws wet, and enjoying an afternoon out. After a few minutes of silence, Rottweiler says to Pug, “You’re pretty short. Does that bother you?”

“Actually, no,” says Pug. “Although sometimes I wish I were taller, like you. I love your long legs.”

“I don’t know,” says Rottweiler. “While it is nice being tall, sometimes I wish I were short and stubby like you. I can’t find a Rottweiler taller than me. It’s embarrassing at Dog Park events.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Look at my face? It’s one only a mother could love. Not only is it smashed in–that’s bad enough–but I actually have breathing problems. And the summers . . . don’t even get me started. The heat kills me.”

“You think you have problems? I’m already seeing signs of hip dysplasia.”

“That sucks. Speaking of sucky things, doesn’t it bother you that you have such a bad reputation? I mean, people are scared of you.”

“It’s not fear, it’s respect,” says Rottweiler.

“Says you.”

“At least I can protect my home, my family,” says Rottweiler.

“If you don’t eat them first,” says Pug.

“No need to be rude. I’ve never eaten anyone in my life. That bite to the mailman was an accident.”

“A 20-stitches accident,” says Pug.

“Whatever. He shouldn’t have come to the door.”

“He was delivering a package!”

“That’s beside the point.”

“What is the point?” says Pug.

“The point is, I’m a protector for the weak. People look up to me. You’re just there. What’s your purpose in life?”

“I can bark loudly if I want to. I just don’t want to. And my purpose in life is to,” Pug pauses, tilts his head from side to side, “love and be there for someone to love.”


Can you imagine dogs having a conversation like the one above? Never!!! That’s only reserved for us, the higher and more evolved species. Dogs just are. There’s no judgement between them, no self-loathing; they don’t even think about what they look like or who they are. They’re just there. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were more like them, animals in general? They’re always in the moment, loving life; accepting whatever comes, and making do. They rarely, if ever, complain. If they do it’s because they’re in pain. Otherwise, they’re just loving life.

I say we strive to be more like dogs: living life, and enjoying the simple things like sleeping in, eating, walking in the park, and like Pug said, “…to love and be there for someone to love.”

That is the key to happiness.



  • Rolando Perez

    Now I think I should be a dog I love Rolando

    • You of all people don’t need to be more like a dog. You already are!