What is this blog?

Your Safe Haven! Or, it can be if you let it. There are so many of you who feel lost, and who are in need of answers to your life situations. With little support from your family, or from your non-objective friends, you find yourself with nowhere to turn. Now you do.

Come here to get inspired, to get your questions answered. Come here to vent, to leave your issues behind. I’ll teach you how. At Ask Josh’s Mom you won’t be judged, you will just be guided with an understanding that it’s rough out there in the world. We all need a little hand. Come take mine. I promise to guide you in the right direction.


Who’s Josh’s mom?

I am Josh’s mom—Rossana Snee. Now 25, my Josh has been a challenge and an inspiration, a headache and a heart full of Joy. Over the past two decades I’ve learned that love has no bounds, that patience really is a virtue, and that good guidance is the most wonderful gift you can give someone. I’ve had the opportunity to meet countless of Josh’s friends with whom I’ve been able to talk and share my insight to help them live happier, well-rounded lives. When I turned 31 and Josh was only 1, I decided to follow my dream and get a degree in psychology. After six years of hard work I received a Masters Degree and later, a Marriage & Family Therapist license so that I could do what I loved—helping others find their way.

On the fun side, I love to read everything I can get my hands on. I love to write, play music, workout, paint, and socialize.