A Real Life Barbie? I Don’t Think So!

At what point did it become okay to look like a doll?

I’ve always thought that dolls were modeled after humans. You know, like in a factory somewhere in China. But at some point, some women (and some men) decided that for them to look “perfect,” they had to look like a doll—Barbie (or Ken) to be exact!

To transform oneself into a Barbie doll is not an easy task. The actual Barbie is supposed to be 5’9”, with 39” breasts, an 18” waist (!?!?!), and 33” hips. I’m out in the world quite a bit, and I still haven’t seen any women who look like Barbie, or who could look like one, no matter how hard they tried. It’s not practical nor, in my opinion, healthy.

Women have tried, and in some cases, have done a pretty freaky job of attaining a crazy likeness to the little famous plastic doll, but at what price? In some of the pictures I saw, the likeness was so similar, I couldn’t tell if the picture was of Barbie, or of a real life human woman. Some of the women have gone as far as to have some ribs removed (for that 18” waist), and to have work done on their eyes to make them look doll like.

Real women are not fashioned after dolls. Real women come in all shapes and sizes. Some have big boobs, some small, some smooth skins, some stretch marks, some tall, some short, etc. Women run the gambit. That’s true life.

While researching this topic, I did find a couple of men who have transformed themselves into Ken dolls. Okay. I can’t even begin to talk about this one.

If you want to look better, do so in a healthy way. Work out. Eat healthfully. Avoid toxins. Be you! Don’t try to look like a doll. Embrace who you are, and work on enhancing the very things that make you womanly, or manly.

Don’t compromise yourself, or your health fashioning yourself after an inanimate object. And bear in mind the Barbie will not age. But you will. Who will you be then?

You are not a doll! You are a real life woman or man. We’re only here for a short while, so work on bettering what you have, and not on transforming yourself into something that isn’t even real.